Top Ten Freelancing Job Sites

Top Ten Freelancing Job Sites

Over 30 percent of the American working population comprises of freelancers. Digital nomadism and other related trends are growing in popularity — partially due to the rise in demand for specialized, skilled employees in different sectors of the economy. Freelancing adds freedom to the lifestyle of an individual. Over time, freelancers have realized that they can make as much as they used to earn in their traditional jobs. This discovery makes freelancing an appealing a viable alternative to traditional employment.

When it comes to freelancing, having an extensive network of connections you could convert into future clients helps. If you want to have a successful freelancing career, make an effort to explore multiple freelancing platforms. Focus on establishing a record of happy clients on each one of them and open the door to some of the most competitive rates. If this is what you are after, the following freelancing job sites may be worth checking out.

10. Demand Media Studios

You will find all sorts of freelancers on Demand Media Studios including photographers, editors, and filmmakers. It’s a great site to launch your career as a freelancer. You’ll get the chance to work with experts in different fields in the promotion and production of great content.

9. Guru

Guru features an extensive array of types of works. You will find anything from legal services to tasks involving management and finance. The Guru team strives to make sure that freelancers are up to date with the latest work opportunities.

8. SimplyHired

There is a job posting for everyone at SimplyHired. Searches are location-based, and the site makes it easy to be selective on the types of jobs you take. Postings range from building maintenance to personal care.

7. College Recruiter

You can easily find a job that you can turn into a career at College Recruiter. There is a broad range of job categories to choose from, and as the name suggests, this site can be particularly helpful for college students.

6. Freelance Writing Gigs

Here, you’ll find all sorts of freelance writing gigs. This site is perfect seasoned, as well as budding bloggers, writers, and editors. Besides the jobs, lots of useful writing resources will be at your disposal upon joining Freelance Writing Gigs.

5. 99designs

This is a dedicated design freelancing site. 99designs provides lots of opportunities for aspiring designers. The site hosts many design contests where winners get a chance to work directly with a client on the platform.

4. Freelancer

Just like 99designs, Freelancer holds a lot of competitions, and winners get a higher rating which gives them the opportunity to attract more clients. Freelancer is a great choice for competitive individuals in search for an opportunity to prove themselves.

3. Craigslist

To many, Craigslist is just a place to buy and sell stuff. However, the site is much more than that. Craigslist offers numerous location-based freelancing gigs and is definitely worth checking out if you are looking for work.

2. Upwork

With over 9 million freelancers, Upwork offers a wide array of jobs for skilled individuals. At Upwork, freelancers can easily browse through the listed postings and establish face-to-face engagement with the client through the new chat interface.

1. Toptal

Toptal is a software engineering dedicated site. Here, developers get a chance to showcase their skills and work with the crème of the industry. Some of the biggest clients at Toptal are Airbnb, J.P. Morgan, and Toptal is an established freelancing site that recruits only the best developers. Clients come here looking for the best services and are willing to pay top dollar for it.

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